Bringing Down the New Jim Crow Radio Documentary Series

Inspired by Michelle Alexander’s groundbreaking book The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness, this series of radio documentaries explores the intersection of the drug war, mass incarceration, and race in the contemporary United States.

From Reform to Transform: California’s Prop 47 and the Movement to End Mass Incarceration, From Chris Moore-Backman (29:00)

Some Thoughts On Mercy: An Essay on Race and Redemption, written and read by Ross Gay (29:00)
The Formerly Incarcerated and Convicted People’s Movement: The Struggle for Freedom and Transformation Continues (29:00), April 22, 2014A New Way of Life and the New Underground Railroad: Making a Break for Freedom During the Era of Mass Incarceration (29:00), June 6, 2013 Children of the Same Sorrow: The U.S./Mexico Caravan for Peace Takes on the Drug War (53:39), December 6, 2012On the Other Side of the Myth: A Conversation with Michelle Alexander and Tim Wise (54:41), May 19, 2012A Bitter Harvest: California, Marijuana and the New Jim Crow (51:19), November 16, 2011